“Hang On Tight” was released in 2017. It’s a singer/songwriter acoustic folky album with sparse instrumentation – guitar, bass and percussion. Limiting the instruments seems to frame the songs in the best light and also allows each instrument to be bigger and richer.

All songs written, performed and recorded by Bill Kahler  ©2017 Sounds like a few guys playing in the living room, very relaxed and unforced. Might appeal to fans of James Taylor and Neil Young.

Hang On Tight (Hang on tight the world spins, time flies, being alive is the main thing)


Take Each Other In (Love song, when things are tough we pull together)


Act Of Faith (Everyday of our lives is an act of faith)


Wild Blue (a song about taking off and leaving it all behind, or maybe just daydreaming)


Soak It Up (Soak it all up, ya gotta soak it all in. Live for the moment)


Life Is On The Wire (Neurotic tight rope walker, love without a net)


Little Criminal Boys (In a small town ya gotta make your own fun when you’re almost a teenager)


Birds (Someone dies but the world keeps going – the birds do what they’ve always done)


Misfits (We are all misfits tryin’ to find our place, where the world makes perfect sense)


Drivin’ To The Moon (Dreamy song about breaking out of being stuck)



“Fill It Up” is a folky rock project that came out in 2011.

All songs, (except Federal Pen – B.K. and Jaime Michaels), and recording by Bill Kahler ©2011 Drum and percussion help by James Casto, and additional guests: Rachel Kihn, vocals; Carole Ford and Vanessa Conner, vocals on “Whole Lotta Trouble.” An Americana folk-rock project that might appeal to fans of Jackson Browne or John Hiatt.


Stealin’ Time  (Stealin’ time, stepping out of the rush)


All the Things You See  (Love song – and on a good day I might be all the thing you see in me)


Fill It Up!  (Living for the moment, pedal down)


I Will Carry You  (Love song, I will carry you in my heart and mind even when we are a thousand miles away)


Bring On the Flood  (The water is rising, prayer hasn’t worked, let’s see what you got!)


Whole Lotta Trouble  (Whole lotta trouble in the world, we need some help)


With Some Forgiveness  (Holding a grudge punishes the one who holds it)


Flyin’ Shoes  (Story book kind of song, and what good is flyin’ when you’re alone)


The Box  (Blurring truth and exaggeration, digging up a small treasure)


Crows  (If they aren’t evil why is a group called a murder instead of a flock? Tongue firmly planted in cheek)